Guaranteed price and streamlined delivery

Lease-leaseback allows public education clients to select both the project architect and the project builder at the beginning of the design process.  With the builder operating under a pre-construction services contract, owner, designer and builder work collaboratively throughout the design process to produce a cost-effective, constructible project which meets or exceed the owner’s requirements. 

As the selected lease-leaseback builder, we participate in every design meeting, provide regular project cost estimates in parallel with the architect, perform constructability reviews, provide scheduling estimates and generate value engineering analyses throughout the design process. By the time the design is undergoing DSA review, we can be putting work packages out for bid to trade subcontractors saving months over a traditional design-bid-build process.  And we encourage owners to review those subcontractor bids and participate in subcontractor selection – a level of transparency that cannot be duplicated in any other delivery method.

Once the project is approved by DSA, the owner can award the construction contract at a negotiated guaranteed maximum price (GMP) and construction can begin almost immediately. The owner can relax knowing that the only change orders generated by the builder will be ones that can further reduce the price or arise from unforeseen and unknowable conditions.  

As an active participant in the design process, we become vested partners in the project along with the owner and architect, equally committed to turning those project plans into reality.